-Nationwide Delivery-


BOC Helium Balloon Gas delivered nationwide, choose from a range of three cylinder sizes. Delivery to any location on the UK mainland costs £25.50 per order plus VAT. Cost includes collection.


Helium Balloon Gas comparison chart


Helium Balloon Gas is a non-toxic, non-flammable compressed gas, which with simple instruction is safe and easy to use.


Approximate number of balloons cylinder will inflate
10" Balloons 12" Balloons 18" Foil Balloons Cost
200 125 125 £35
400 250 250 £50
1000 625 620 £92
Prices include one week cylinder and Filling Kit hire


All Costs are exclusive of VAT

Rental of cylinder and inflator kit is free for one week, thereafter will be charged at £5 per week

Delivery charges are per order, not per cylinder and include collection

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